Friday, August 3, 2012

In the Garden 08/03/12

The garden is loving this rain we’ve been getting. It’s just been a shower here and there, but it’s been enough to really perk up the brown grass and droopy flower heads. ‘Lady Georgia’ has managed to push out a few more blooms for me, if only for one day.


This is one of the two milkweed spikes in the garden. I saw a Monarch in the garden a couple days ago so I feverishly searched the underside of the leaves for an egg or two, but no such luck. It looks like this will be another year gone by with no butterflies born.


The Black Eyed Susans are holding their heads high. This is my all time favorite flower. It always makes me think of my childhood summers at the creek where we would go to swim. It was on a dirt road with a beautiful little wooden bridge across it. When I was about five or six I use to drop the wild flower heads from the bridge and watch them spin like little helicopters. The water was pristine and only about ten inches deep in most places, but there was a bend in creek just thru the woods with a sandbar and deeper area for swimming. My farther, who would have been 84 this year, swam in the same creek when he was a little boy. My mother would tie two milk jugs together with a short piece rope and tie them around me and my sister. She was making water wings before there was such a thing. They worked really well; we would just bob in the creek like little corks. Pretty smart wasn’t she? I guess when you have 9 kids and no money you figure things out.


I planted a bunch of this veronica in the garden a couple of years back, but it was destroyed by a curious puppy that no longer lives with me. I just haven’t gotten around to replacing it. I keeps coming back from the roots, but never really makes a healthy plant. The first one I put in the garden got huge.


Hope this post finds you well and happy.