Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween is Upon Us!

Recently I made a pact with myself to spend more time enjoying the holidays, all holidays, not just the big ones. With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be nice to put a theme to this month’s supper club. I’ve never really been one to appreciate all the “cute-sie” decorations so this is my version of a Halloween dinner.


Once a month we have a group of people that get together for a supper club. The evening usually starts off with a cocktail hour followed by dinner. The host provides the meat and the other members bring the complimenting sides. It’s just a small group and we had a really nice time. This was our week to host so Colvin and I wanted to put a little Halloween spin on it. Everything in the room was done for fewer than 20 dollars and I think it came out pretty well. Not all the decorations are shown, but below are pictures of some of them. I apologize up front for the quality of the photos. I left my camera at the house and these were all taken with my phone. The first photo is of the bar covered in spider webs dotted with a few creepy crawlies.


 For the table arrangement I used a mercury glass vase with dead limbs from a little oak in the backyard. I topped it off with a few pine cones and then attached three crows from the Dollar Tree. Also from the Dollar Tree, a couple of rats, a few spiders sprinkled around the base, throw in two un-polished silver candlesticks and voila. You have a Halloween centerpiece. I love the aged look of the candlesticks with the mercury glass. I thought it came out very well.



I also discovered this neat little idea too. The little plastic rings make wonderful charms for stemmed glassware. Stick on a couple of decals and you have perfectly decorated glasses for the occasion. I suppose you could do the same for any holiday. I love the little skull and cross bones on the martini glasses!



The menu:
Broiled Barbque Porkchops with Mango Ginger Chutney
Pear and Roasted Pecan Coleslaw
Dirty Cajun Rice
Pumpkin Cheesecake

Two people were missing from our group, but we sent them a member’s only video clip of the dinner while they were in New York. Hope everyone has a great Halloween!

P. S. I've been nominated for an award by 'The Lazy Womans Garden' and I'll list the seven things about me in the next post. :0)



  1. This is too cute. When did you say you were serving?? I would love to attend this dinner party.

    1. Lisa,
      It was last weekend and you are welcome to attend anyone of them. We actually left an empty slot just for a guest. :0)

  2. Dear Randy
    You have been so sweet to think of me during my favorite time of year by stopping by and saying hello .. I so appreciate your lovable YOU for doing that : )
    I totally adore your setting ... you have done a wicked job decorating just perfectly !
    I only wish I could have been there to giggle and clink glasses and enjoyed that fantastic meal!!
    If Lisa gets to come .. I insist on representing a Canadian "spirit" !!
    Joy : )

    1. Happy Halloweend Joy! Make the most of it while it is here. Come on girl we'll show you some southern hospitality!

  3. I love this classy halloween..have to know what eh runner was made of and where you got the material! great post!

    1. Sharon,
      There is a black damask runner on the table that came from the Dollar Tree. And the cloth on top of the black runner is just some material they had for sale in the Halloween section of Wal-Mart. It came in beige and black and I’m pretty sure it was under 3 dollars. :0)

  4. A Happy Halloween!
    Nice decorations on the dinner table!
    In Estonia we don`t celebrate that trisk or treat celebrity. On the 9th of November our children go to their neighbour´s houses where they sing and dance or play tricks. They have wierd clothes on and very dirty faces - hard to understand who is who. The children wish happiness to the family and they can get some candies, fruit or even some euros. Later children gather all their stuff and have a little "party" at some friend`s place.

    1. Mare it's so good to see you again! Your holiday sounds very similar to ours. It's sounds more like halloween was here in the earlier part of the century when there was a bigger sense of community and less violence and meaness to worry about. We hardly have any trick or treaters anymore. Now they go to churches or do 'trunk or treat' out of the trunks of cars a downtown. The kids walk around downtown and don't really vistit the neighborhoods much any more. My first Halloween at my house was 17 year ago. I gave out almost 19 pounds of candy. The last time I actually participated I think I may have had 5 or 6 kids. It's sad things have changed so much.

    2. Here are some photos:
      Autumn 2012 http://www.flickr.com/photos/89537001@N08/sets/72157631897569699/ It`s really to see snow in October - even for us here in the North.
      Summer 2012 http://www.flickr.com/photos/89537001@N08/sets/72157631897671537/ Summer was not very nice - too much rain and too low temperatures.

      PS I hope you were safe during the hurricane Sandy. If there is something good in living here in a cold country then were are very thankful that we don´t know what are hurricanes or earthquakes or volcanoes...

    3. Mare,
      I live in the Southeastern section of the US so I was out of the storm. We didn't even get rain from it, only a few clouds. You photos are beautiful!

  5. I don't do halloween..I like the idea of decorating cocktail glasses though.


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