Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Hello everyone, hope this finds you all doing well. I’ve been on vacation for a spell and while I was out of state I had the chance to visit the Marie Selby Botanical Garden in Sarasota, Florida. I took so many pictures I just didn’t see the point in showing them all. Sooner or later you would get tired of looking at them. :0) Hope you enjoy the ones I posted.








The tree in the very center of this photo is actually a Brugmansia! I had no idea they could actually get so large. Wow...


The ducks and coy seemed to get along with no problems at all in this pond. They went about their way paying no attention to each other.



I love this shot of the mermaid...



Hope everyone has a great week. I managed to get double pneumonia on my trip so I’m taking it easy for a few more days. I’ll try to get some photos of my garden up when I’m feeling a little better. It’s amazing how much plants can grow and change in eleven days… Cheers!


  1. Great photos Randy and sorry to hear that you were ill on your trip. I love that mermaid statue. I had a garden group on Friday and they were commenting on the lions. I told them to go to Prattville!

  2. Hope you're feeling much better. Pneumonia isn't any fun. Been there. Had that. Get plenty of rest.

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful garden visit. There are times when I seriously covet tropical gardens!

  3. Pillip you should see the new ones Mr. Johnson has! They are superb, I'm having a fit for them. But, I have no idea where I would put them.

    1. Phillip they are in a sitting position on large pedestals and they are exquisite! Like 350.00 for the pair and the pedestals. I have no idea how I would get them home.

  4. Freda,
    They were absolutely beautiful. If you ever find yourself in Sarasota they are well worth a visit. Sarasota is just a beautiful place period.

  5. Randy,
    What a most enchanting garden, by all means post more pictures. I will have to see if I can’t get this one in on this summer’s garden tour itinerary. It looks to have been a wonderful trip, but, double pneumonia? in Florida? Hmmm, Ok I want go there ;) - gary

  6. Gorgeous, Randy.... WOW---do I ever love those kinds of gardens. Seeing Orchids OUTSIDE like that is amazing... Biltmore (where we go ALOT) has an indoor tropical plant area --where we see lots of orchids...

    I have a blog friend who lives in Bradendon... I told her to get her body down to Sarasota to check out this beautiful place. Thanks for sharing.

    Great to hear from you.

  7. I have to show the picture of the duck and koi to my husband. I made the mistake of putting a duck decoy in my little pond and the koi completely changed their personalities. They would come no where near the surface. My husband laughed that ducks eat fish and the koi know it! I explained I had seen where koi and ducks were friendly at some parks and here is proof positive. Thanks!


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