Thursday, November 29, 2012

Feeling a Little Like Christmas...

Every year when I drag my Christmas tree out of the attic and remove it from the box I chuckle to myself (and sometimes out loud) and wonder how many more years it can last. My tree is a second hand, second hand tree. It was made somewhere around the year 1955. It originally belonged to my father’s aunt. She decided to get a new tree so she gave it to my parents at some point when I was a child. We had always gone to the woods and cut down a cedar tree every year, two weeks before Christmas. I remember not being very receptive to the idea of a fake tree in the beginning. I never liked change much as a kid, though I’ve learned to welcome it as an adult. My mother kept the tree until about five or six years ago at which point she decided the throw it in the trash and get a new one. It’s been mine since that day and I cherish the little transformation it makes every year.


I lovingly refer to it as my "Charlie Brown Christmas tree" because every year I put it up; it drops more needles than a real one. My friend Will says, "All you need to do is put a little blue blanket around the base." It reminds me of a fish skeleton when I first assemble it. We’ll leave it to stretch its branches for a minute or two and take a look at the rest of the house.


This is a new addition to my Christmas decorations this year. It’s a flea market treasure. When I saw it I thought it would be perfect for my dining table. The height is going to wonderfully spread the candle light when I have company over for dinner during December. I have guests coming this weekend, so as it grows closer I’ll snip some greenery and Nandina berries to put in and around the stand at the base.



When I rescued the tree from the trash heap, I also took several boxes of ornaments that were on their way out. The little colored glass globes were really no longer suitable for the tree because they were faded and the insides have begun to peel. I think it just gives them character and speaks of the fact they have been adored for many years. They were still in the original Elmore’s Five and Dime store boxes. I remember my uncle giving me a dime to shop in there when we made our Saturday morning trip to town over 40 years ago. A dime! Wow... where has the time gone...


I filled two crystal vases with gold and silver ones. I also have a huge glass fish that sits on top of the china cabinet my grandmother built filled with pink ones. It was too dark in the house to get a decent picture of it. Where it sits there is very little light and if I used the flash it just washed out all the color anyway.


I like to decorate the house with a gold and clear glass theme for Christmas. I never have been one to like bright colors in my home. It’s really kind of strange since I absolutely love a kaleidoscope of colors in the garden. I also prefer to use Father Christmas instead of Santa Clause. This is the first one I was given almost 20 years ago. I also have three others in addition to this one.


You can’t see them very well, but in this bowl are the last of my mother’s decoration she bought in 1956. There are so many different shapes and sizes in this little bowl. The designs remind me of the big chrome bumpers on cars from that time period.


This little tin gold star was on top of our tree for many, many years. It was eventually replaced with a fancy one that would light up and twinkle like the rest of the Christmas lights. You know, the most valuable things I have in my home actually have no monetary worth. This star is one of them…


The garland is hung above the door that enters the piano room...


I also draped it around the top of the piano. I’ve been given many ornaments as gifts from friends over the years and I hang them here. Also on the piano are two of my reindeer, another item I sort of collect like Father Christmas.


I didn’t realize until this year that none of my deer have faces. They have no eyes, noses or recognizable facial feature. This was completely by accident. I was once told if you buy things you like, you will unconsciously develop your own personal style. Because all the items you like will have a similar characteristics whether it is immediately visible to you or not. Even if it appears extremely eclectic it will all blend together nicely.




See what a little TLC can do to a Charlie Brown Christmas tree? Amazing what a little love and determination can do. Isn’t it?


That’s enough of my mindless chatter for one post. :0) Hope this finds you filling with the Christmas spirit and giddy with anticipation of its arrival!







  1. Oh My Heart... Love your home/decorations including that Charlie Brown tree. It's HOW you decorate it --not what it looks like to begin with, or how old it is... Yours is FABULOUS....

    Wish I had you and your talents here to decorate our home... Love Love love that candle 'tree'... I've never seen one before.... I WANT ONE!!!!! Wow!!!!

    Thanks so much for showing us your home and Christmas... LOVE it ALL....

    1. Awwwwwww, Betsy you are just too sweet! Thank you! I'll keep my eye open for another one for you! And thank you again for paying me a visit!

  2. Dear Randy .. This is absolutely beautiful ! (I am one for more earthy tones too when it comes to these decorations) .. I am still giggling over this Xmas tree and I was just watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas" last night (yes .. I am a big kid!) .. now when I see it again(and I will) I will be thinking of you and your tree !
    I love all the beautiful decor with old ornaments .. one year we wanted to give our old ones away to a charity store and start fresh again and "Number One Son" almost dropped on the floor .. he couldn't believe we would do that so he picked over what he wanted to save ( I think Linda his wife knows ? LOL) .. it just never occurred to me , bad mom!
    But there you are with so many wonderful memories wrapped up in such pretty ways of decorating with them !
    It is wonderful to see how gorgeous your home looks with the Christmas spirit of yesteryear : )
    Joy : )

    1. Well of course Joy! They invoke memories of his childhood and special times spent with you! Youth is wasted on the young as they say; it’s only as adults that we see what charmed lives we live. I watch Charlie Brown every year too AND I must see How the Grinch Stole Christmas at least once!

  3. PS .. I forgot to say when we lived in Holland (95-99) the markets we visited in Belgium and Germany had amazing decorations and the smell of Christmas treats could drive you nuts!
    We found their dark colours to ornaments strange but now they have been showing up here for a few years .. beauty in the eye of the beholder for sure!

    1. Joy I'm getting in the baking mood as we speak. Since I got the decorating done early it gives me time for other things now. Chirstmas treats for everyone! ;0)

  4. Your Charlie Brown tree is gorgeous Randy. I especially like the way you have lots of room for the ornaments to dangle. They are easier to see that way. Your home exudes a warm loving Well done.

    1. Awwwwwwwwww,Thanks Lisa! (((Lisa))) That's a cyber hug. I hope you are doing well, I know how much you must miss Luna. I found my precious Scotty Dawg's Christmas stocking this weekend. Still sending warm thoughts your way.

  5. pure magic Randy!...I really was incredulous about that the broad daylight...decorations and great lighting has made the transformation!!...your house looks like a magazine in this golden light!!! the vase is stunning where did you get it?...not a garage sale find?...My tree theme is also gold,silver and glass (crystal)....sparkle is Christmas to me...what a find on the tabletop candle tree...

    1. Christmas magick, Sharon. ;0) The tree transfomation is amazing isn't it? Thank you for your kind compliments on the house. It's an old house and needs its share of repairs, but everything looks good in the right light. :0) Both of the vases are Mikasa. The one in the photo standing alone is 'City Lights'. The other one is the one I really wanted a good picture of but it didn't work out that way. It's called 'Droplet' and it is gorgeous! It's my favorite of all my crystal vases. I also have the matching bowl. It's super heavy, but I use it as my potato salad bowl. :0) No, they didn't come from garage sales. I paid an absolutely re-dic-u-lous price for the City Lights vase and matching candle sticks years ago. Now that I'm older and wiser I buy my crystal at TJ Maxx for 1/16 of the price! Oh well, you live and learn.

  6. Hi Randy! You have a very special tree and special ornaments! I love the stories behind them.

    1. Thank you Tatyana! I hope you are enjoying the holiday season!

  7. It is very beautiful!!

  8. All your Christmas decorations look great including the tree or especially the tree---I love reusing rather than throwing out.

    1. Carolyn,
      I suppose at some point it will have to be retired, but I just don't think I'm there yet. :0) Thank you for paying me a visit.

  9. You are a decorating star. Another commenter said your house looks like it belongs in a magazine -- I say it looks *better* (warmer, more welcoming) than the vast majority of home decor magazine photo spreads I've seen.

    Kudos. It takes a special talent and a special person to be able to make such a beautiful interior environment.

    1. Aaron,
      What very kind comments! I try, but I don't always get it right. Trial and error is the way I get anything done. :0) Thank you again for the compliments!

  10. Hi Randy, I just recently discovered your blog and I wanted to tell you I'm a big fan. Your writing is so nice, so humorous and warm and descriptive. Your Christmas decorating is amazing. I hope you have a great holiday!

    1. Leslie I'm so happy you found it! I hope you'll keep coming back! Best wishes to you and yours for an incredible holiday season as well! :0)

  11. Everything is as beautiful and warm as I remembered it to be. Great job decorating Randy.

  12. Randy, I'm catching up on your blog posts now that Christmas is over and I'm in such admiration of your decorating talents and the season's sparkle you've added to your home! I love your blog and your chatty style. Oh, and just remember we didn't have TJMaxx all those years ago and we had to pay those prices! Love how that has changed.


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