Monday, April 29, 2013

Blooming 04/29/13


Hello everyone, I hope this post finds you enjoying spring. In the words of Dolly Parton in the movie Straight Talk “I’ve been busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.” I’ve been planting things in the garden non-stop the past week and a half. I’m pretty sure at this point I’ve dug over 200 holes and put in at least 150 new plants. I’ve moved around a lot of stuff too, some things only an additional two feet here or there. Hey, if it’s a foot and a half too far to the left it needs to go to the right. At least I didn’t have to drag the root ball far. I still have a ways to go, but it’s getting there. Three years of neglect can really cause a decline in a garden. It is what it is; life throws us a curve ball every now and then, sometimes kicks us right in the gut or even at times reaches in and snatches your beating heart right from you chest. You pick yourself up, and just keep going. I’m very pleased with the changes I’ve made so far. I'm happy to have this perfect sping to get things looking pretty again. I’m even putting plants in my hanging baskets this year! ***picture me dancing a little jig after this statement.***
Why don’t we take a look at what’s blooming this week?
‘Blueberry Bliss’

‘Autumn Tryst’

I don’t have a clue what the name of this one is or even where it came from…

‘In Your Dreams’

‘Caesar’s Brother’

My Knockouts in morning sunshine… don’t they look ethereal?

The miniature roses in the hanging baskets… I have yet to figure out how to get my new camera to capture pink and red in the true shades. My old DSC F717 had perfectly accurate color when I photographed red. Does anyone have any solutions or setting I could try? 

My Grandmother's old Rose is just full of blooms this year. It’s been so happy since the last relocation.

‘Dr. William Van Fleet’  Grandfather of the rose ‘New Dawn’

Old fashioned Cabbage Rose…


‘Orient Red’ Spreklia


‘Floris Hecker’

Last but not least… Dianthus ‘Esta’ 


  1. Gorgeous shots Randy. What is the pink rose cascading over the wall in the first photo?

    1. Phillip,
      That's Peggy Martin, she's just starting to bloom. :0)

  2. Randy, thank you for visiting my Southern Lagniappe blog, and for taking the time to leave such a nice comment. I'm so glad it led me to your beautiful "Southern Eden." Your pictures are truly breathtaking, and I have added you to my "Favorite Places to Visit." I look forward to seeing more of your pictures and reading the stories behind them.



    1. Welcome Janie! I can't wait to see more of your gorgeous photos!

  3. Your hard work is paying off as everything is looking beautiful! Now don't go overdoing and put your back out on us :-)

    1. I'm trying to be very cautious Skeeter. AND I'm doing my core exercise. :0) Turns out the same exercises for your back strengthen your pelvic wall and help prevent hernias as well.

    2. Hey, Two for the price of One exercise! I love a bargain :-)

  4. Where on earth did you find room for 150 new plants? You, rock! :-) Can't wait to see the results in your future posts. As always, I drool over your iris and roses.

    My KO roses, I cut back by 2/3 and fear that dreaded rose disease (the one Steve Bender wrote about) may be lurking.

    1. Freda,
      I've been planting a ton of creeping phlox and dianthus around the edges of the beds. And a few other evergreen things too. I sort of just went crazy snatching out plants late this winter so I've been working on redoing a couple of the beds. :0)

    2. Creeping phlox and dianthus are favorites. I had to divide several big clumps of seed-grown dianthus, but I love it so that I easily found places for the divisions.

      Lately, I've wondered HOW MANY TIMES have I given the same garden beds a makeover. Between weather, varmints and personal taste, the gardens always change.

  5. I love your iris. They make me wish I knew the names of mine, though not knowing does not make them any less beautiful.

    1. Les,
      You are absolutely correct they are still just as beautiful and I have several unknown ones. But, it is nice in case someone would like to find that same iris.:0)

  6. Your iris are gorgous as are the roses. Not so much blooming here yet. I hope you are not stressing your back. Obviously not because you are able to do so much. Take care.

    1. Lisa,
      I've been trying to very aware of my posture and what my body is telling me. And to know when its time to put up the shovel and say, "this does not have to be finished today, it will be here tomorrow." :0) I was digging out three new planting areas Tuesday and I was just about done when I got a twinge in my back. I said okay! That's it! You are not 20 years old anymore and its time to put down the shovel. I did and I walked away. :0) I actually said it out loud to myself. LOL

  7. Lots of color there Randy. Gorgeous roses and iris. The knock out is loaded. I love that they bloom so profusely.

  8. Hello, Randy, thanks for visiting and commenting on my own blog. It is great to meet another Alabama garden blogger! You have some gorgeous blooms!

  9. Absolutely, simply amazing color Randy! Sparkle and shine my friend! ~kent

  10. Hi Randy,

    Your garden is really gorgeous with all the roses and irises in full bloom. I have little 'full sun' so I only have a few roses. Thanks for the parentage on New Dawn. I do have that on an arbor. A gift from a friend. It is a beautiful rose.

    Hope all is well with you and your recovery from back surgery is going well. Happy Spring! Finally.

    1. Hey there Barbara! Always good to see you here! I'm doing just fine. I was actaully recovering from double hernia surgery instead of back surgery this time. :0)

  11. I am jealous about the iris. This it the first year that I planted them. You know when you plant things in the south and it reads that don't overwater, this can be so confusing to me. Because here the temperature can be so hot and extreme and unpredictable...I can never seem to get it right...I love yours though. I only had one of 5 I planted come up.

    1. Janie, you may have buried them too deep. I've made that mistake on more that one occasion! Thank you for paying me a visit.


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